Personal Career Highlights

Meeting Lionel and Brenda Richie 1987 and the close friendship shared over the years. Afternoon tea with Quincy Jones at his home late 80’s. Phone call from Michael Jackson in the 90’s. A hug goodbye from Stephen Weiss knowing I would never see him again. Time spent with Stephen and his wife Donna Karan that special day at The Hamptons. Meeting the Dalai Lama through Donna Karan. Time spent talking to Bernadette Peters in New York. Donna Karan‘s guest opening night Madison Square Gardens for Barbra Streisand and being introduced to her backstage. My first appearance on Entertainment Tonight. All the young troubled youth who said they wouldn’t be alive if is wasn’t for my youth seminar.Presenting my first seminar December 1991. Writing my first article for OK Australia.Women and girls who have overcome their emotional eating challenge through my cd program… and so the journey continues.

The list of names is mind-boggling. The number of people with diverse backgrounds and achievements all point to the amazing talent in the world.Yet there is one common denominator these leading lights of the arts, sport, business and politics share – a Melbourne woman called Teymara Wright.
Teymara is perhaps the most successful ‘transformational therapist’ on the planet. She is a motivator, life coach, numerologist, astrologer, relationship counsellor and much more. Most of all, in the words of one client, ‘She is an enormous help to people coping with loss, trauma, grief, problems, have gone off track or want to get on track.’
It’s all heavy stuff – but some of the names that have consulted her left me speechless. Her qualifications are many, including diplomas in clinical nutrition and hypnotherapy.One client, Sydney fashion designer Peter Morrissey visited Teymara after the gruelling split with the other half of his successful design team Leona Edmiston, as well as the death of his father, best friend and relationship break up.
“I was taken to her by Mary Coustas and Tina Arena.” he said. “I was raised a Catholic, so when I sat with Teymara she was already at minus 50 on my (believability) scale.”

In other words, Teymara had a lot to prove to gain Peter’s respect and trust. But she did.

“She taught me an important lesson, and that is, not everyone has to love you or can love you or even like you. And if you try to please them or do things to get their love or approval, you are moulding yourself to their requirements, not your own. Plus if you walk around on the planet with a victim mentality (nothing is your fault, everything happens to you and everyone else is to blame) you and your life will go nowhere. She taught me how to take responsibility to turn my life around.”“She basically hit many nails on the head.“

Peter said ‘Things just fall into place after speaking with Teymara. Basically, she is Australia’s Best Kept Secret.‘
The above is an edited version taken from Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper 2001.
Teymara is mother to daughter Alicia and grandmother to Cooper born 2006. She lives in Melbourne and Daylesford Australia.