As a gifted public speaker, Teymara is also a highly competent facilitator and workshop leader. She is passionate about creating alignment in teams and organisations. Her facilitation support desired outcomes for planning days, project management meetings, plus all forms of corporate trainings.

Engaging and charismatic, Teymara is comfortable from working one-on-one to an audience of thousands, and can assist in the manifesting of team goals and purpose.

The Frat House head office experienced her Above The Line during the difficult financial time that hit the global financial crisis.  They proceeded to open twelve new stores while other companies struggled to stay afloat.”

“Thank you so much for the profound impact you have had on my team and my life. I along with them feel very privileged and grateful to have experienced your work – You are amazing!”
Phillip Quirk, Frat House CEO

Teymara’s corporate training is all about giving the employer or organization the outcomes they want.  She has supported companies both here in Australia and overseas to achieve their objectives.  As every organization is unique, she tailors her trainings to what is required.

Teymara’s full Above The Line corporate training is based on her transformational Born To Be Free seminar which launched in 1991.  It is a dynamic program that supports individuals to transform the negative to the positive.

In all of her corporate trainings, Teymara applies her knowledge to support individuals to understand the different aspects of personality, plus how human beings work both mentally and emotionally to create organizations to achieve their outcomes.

Her organizational skills are second to none regarding systems, and how to create a successful, happy team.  From the individual to the group, Teymara will assist in promoting a positive and productive work environment.

In every workplace it is important to have an aligned team. Teymara uses the Manifesting skills from the Power of Manifesting seminar to help all employees align with the same Manifesting goals for the company.

Teymara has a way of working with employees to glean what doesn’t work regarding the organization, superiors, employer plus other employees and works to turn these issues around.

To secure Teymara for your next corporate training please email or call (03) 9853 1633 to organize an appointment.