From her work that commenced in 1993 with Melbourne’s troubled youth Teymara created special techniques to support individuals caught in the web of drug addiction.

In every case she has dealt with the result of placing a foot on such a distructive path has been based in unresolved emotional pain. Through dealing with and transforming all of the negative held within then an individual no longer has to do the drug to kill the pain.

Once Teymara has completed her work the individual is then ready for detox. If the individual doesn’t want to go into rehab then Teymara calls in her associates to support the individual with the rest of their journey.

When asked by Ray Martin in the 60 minutes special “The Heroin Debate” exactly what has been the pain that young people have shown with Teymara stated a lack of confidence for a young person along with low self esteem, fear of failure, fear of the future, fear of rejection, fear of being abandoned etc, was her answer. A lot of the time the individual can come from a perfect family, however something has occurred in the individuals formative years to manifest in unresolved issues.