Hi, my name is Amanda Mason and I thank God for the day I met Teymara. From an ‘Insight Session‘ to her ‘Born To Be Free‘ seminar to her ‘Manifesting Your Goals and Destiny‘. To say my life has done a 180 turn around would be an understatement.

My work was cut back to three days a week. As a single parent I went into a bit of a panic. I remember thinking at the ‘Manifesting‘ seminar how cool it would be to work with Teymara. Whammo it happened! I’m now her P.A.

Having struggled with my weight since the birth of my daughter nine years ago where nothing I tried had worked I thought I would give it one last try. I knew I was an emotional eater, however, everything else dealt with the amount of food I consumed plus exercising etc. You know what I’m talking about don’t you?

Well I started following Teymara’s program on Sunday 12th September this year (2010). By the following Sunday I had lost 2kg (5lbs). This was done simply by listening to her cd’s. By the following Monday I had lost 4.5kg. All of this without having to worry about weighing food, keeping a food journal or exercising my butt off! To date 1st November I have dropped 3 dress sizes (Aus 16 to a 10). I’m still noticing my clothing is getting looser and looser. I love walking, especially into any store and picking any dress off the rack and it fits!!!!! YAY!!!! This is the most awesome way of dealing with emotional eating. I can’t recommend this program enough to anyone who wants to lose their destructive relationship with food and their body.

Amanda’s Personal Advice

Over Christmas 2010 I found myself having to deal with an emotional upheaval. My marriage had broken up earlier that year which meant that Christmas 2010 would be the first my daughter and I had to experience as a broken family unit. Her with me in the morning and then with her father in the afternoon. The experience was extremely upsetting and of course brought some of the old ‘stuff’ back up to deal with again. I did notice almost overnight that my stomach had started to bloat and feel uncomfortable, and knowing how this could possibly affect my eating habits, I played the 5th CD from the system for 5 days. As expected my tummy has flattened out again and all is great! Again, this system is AMAZING!!!!!

When I met Teymara I was a size 12 (Aus). Now, to many this wouldn’t be a problem, however, to me my ideal size was and is an 8 (Aus). To say I was extremely unhappy and self conscious about my body would be an understatement. I was and still am a personal trainer, so, I knew what I needed to do to lose the weight and reshape my body. Nothing I did worked. The more I deprived myself of what I call ‘the bad foods’ the more I ate.

Before my first pregnancy, I was what others would consider skinny. I could eat whatever I liked and it never made any difference, however, after the birth I couldn’t get rid of the weight no matter what I did. Not only couldn’t I get rid of the weight I couldn’t stop eating the foods that exacerbated the problem. Even though I was training regularly and knew what to do to get my clients, slim, I just couldn’t seem to do it for myself. So you can just imagine how that made me feel.

Talking to Teymara one day about what she did, I was to learn she supported people to lose weight (amongst other things) and she had done so on the very successful ‘Celebrity Overhaul’. When she told me she had battled with a weight problem caused from emotional eating since childhood and had found a way to overcome it I wanted to know more. She said she had lost three dress sizes and had stayed the same for over twenty years. The word that stuck in my mind was ‘EASY’. She said it was so easy and if I followed her program the emotional eating would stop and I would soon be the size and shape I wanted to be.

I started listening to her cd set and the weight just started to shift all by itself. I went down a size and was as happy as. I started having a healthy relationship with food. The battle had gone.

After a while I had another baby and knew as soon as I was ready I could shift the weight gained easily and effortlessly. I waited ten months before starting the cd’s, and whammo, after hardly any time at all I was a size 8 – YES, you read right, a size 8. I decided that was the size I wanted to be so I went for it.

Teymara’s cd program is amazing. I don’t crave any sugar laden foods plus unhealthy carbs.

I thank God for the day Teymara walked into the restaurant where I used to work all those years ago!

Thanks to Teymara and her program I am totally happy with the size and shape of my body now. To say I LOVE by body would be an understatement. Another thing that’s awesome is I no longer deprive myself . I now have a totally healthy relationship with food that I’m passing onto my children. There is a saying ‘Happy Wife Happy Life’, well, I’m not only a happy wife, I’m also a happy mummy which makes for happy children and a happy hubby!!

I have had multiple heart attacks and have had somewhere between 7 and 10 stends placed in my arteries over the past 7 years. Up until then I was a very active person with no concern regarding my weight or mental health.

Since I started having heart problems I began to gain weight and became very depressed. I tried many diets as well as anti depressants but had no success. The additional weight was putting a strain on my heart but I just couldn’t lose a pound. The doctors informed me that some of the weight gain was due to medications and my inability to exert myself due to unstable angina. I found myself in a very distressing situation. I couldn’t lose weight in the traditional manner.

One day while watching ‘Entertainment Tonight’ on television I saw an Australian woman Teymara Antonio-Wright. She, plus what she was saying was very intriguing so I researched her on the internet. It was then I found she is a most astounding woman. She is a life coach, inspirational speaker etc. plus she had a weight loss program that works with your subconscious to enable you to lose weight. Well, I just had to try it. What did I have to lose?

From listening to her ‘How to Get Off The Emotional Eating Merry-Go-Round’ cd set I lost 18 pounds and am no longer on anti depressants.

My cardiologist is delighted because I’ve been able to reduce the strain on my heart due to the loss of weight. I was so excited by this that when a friend underwent knee and rotator cuff surgery I lent her the set as she had begun to gain weight and became depressed. She also had very positive results.

I have since referred many people to Teymara’s website. Many of them have had mobility problems such as CP and MS. Everyone has successfully lost weight plus obtained a more positive attitude themselves and life. Every weight loss program I tried prior to ‘How To Get Off The Emotional Eating Merry-Go-Round’ was geared for people with full mobility. It’s seems the rest are left to their own devices.

I hold Teymara and her work in very high regard. I recommend her and her work to all I make contact with. There are few people in this world like her. At a time with the economy of our country in the state it’s in people will be turning to food more and more to ease their anxiety and fears.

It’s my belief that American citizens will see great accomplishments in their personal and professional lives from this woman and her amazing work. We won’t come out of our crisis if our sick economy creates an overweight sick society. I have to agree with one of our American celebrities who said that Teymara is an angel in high heels walking around on the planet!

Make a decision today to take control of your body, weight and health like I did. Don’t waste another day. You won’t regret it!

A few months ago a friend and I were talking about fashion and what’s hot or not. Out of the blue she said to me ‘Well it’s okay for you – you can wear want you want – you skinny bitch’. WOW, she certainly held up a mirror – a very old mirror of how I used to be toward women who were slim. I sat their stunned thinking to myself if only she knew my story. My slim body was a relative new experience.

I was the over fed child who became the ‘big girl’, to the fat teenager and into the overweight young woman. I was angry, lonely, despondent and humiliated by my own body. In short, I hated it and myself. Self-loathing was right at the top of my list.

I was jealous of my friends and other women who seemed to have it easy because they were slim.

Even worse than my own destructive self-loathing was the fact there were people in my life (back then) who liked me that way. My total lack of self-esteem saw me handing over my control, which saw others benefitting from me being a ‘big girl’. Diets and exercise didn’t work. Each failure saw me beating myself up. I constantly lived with the feeling I was condemned to ‘live large’.

It was with a ‘last resort’ attitude that I did Teymara’s ‘Slim and Slender’ cd program. I trusted her because she really knew her stuff. Having lived what I had lived and beaten for so many years said this was the way to go. Did I doubt it would work? Absolutely. Why would it work when everything else had failed?

But work it did and it has continued working for the past six years. It was the most amazing, liberating and delightful moments of my life. When my mind started to shift to a different attitude toward food and my body I was totally blown away. The energy and grace my body has still makes me so proud to be me. Something I thought would never be! Could never be.

If you have any understanding of the ‘old me’. If it resonates to the way you are, please give ‘Slim and Slender – How to Get Off The Emotional Eating Merry-Go-Round’ a go. This is a safe and proven way to get your life back. You won’t know yourself.

My life has done its journey over the past six years. It has thrown me some challenges, however, since I became ‘Slim and Slender’ and left emotional eating behind I seem to breeze through whatever life throws my way. Living without the burden of my self-destruction and self-loathing I have lived a life I never dreamed possible.

I had lived a very small life in a very large body (size 20 Aus) before ‘Slim and Slender’. Now I live a very large life in a very slim and slender body (size 12 Aus) with a cd set that travels with me wherever I go.