10 February 2019


‘Manifesting Your Future’ Seminar with Teymara Wright


Have you realized that life is full of an abundance of exciting opportunities and possibilities? If you’re wondering how you get clarity on what you want and how to focus your thinking and energy to attract what you desire into your life then this seminar is designed for you.

‘Manifesting Your Future’ Seminar will teach you to understand how your subconscious negative beliefs and emotions affect the four key areas of your life – Relationships, Career/Money, Health and Lifestyle – and how they have blocked you from heading in the direction you were meant to take in this lifetime. You’ll get clear on what you want out of life and then you’ll be given all the tools to align and support you in achieving it.


This is a full day seminar (that runs from 9.30am until approximately 7pm) held at The Como Hotel in South Yarra, Victoria Australia.

• The first part of the session is a presentation that will give you an insight into how your mind and held subconscious negative emotions/beliefs govern all areas of your life including the powerful effect they have on your health and wellness, from the lines on your face to the health of every organ in your body and so much more.

• During the second part of the session, you’re taken through a series of ‘transformational techniques’ that specifically target the roadblocks stopping you from achieving what you want in life.

• The technique used was created by Teymara taken from all of her areas of expertise, and is a cross between a guided meditation and subconscious transformational work.

• In a comfortable and relaxed environment, you’re connected to your subconscious and the transformational process concerning the most common fears and negative beliefs you hold as an adult regarding your health, financial wealth, relationships and lifestyle takes place.

• All the negative transformed is replaced with positive and empowering truths, leaving you knowing at the core of your being that ANYTHING is possible.

• You will experience breaks between the sessions where you’ll spend time walking in the fresh outdoor air to allow your mind to fully process each session.

• The final part of the program is where you get clarity on what you personally want in all areas of your life. This is where Teymara takes you through the process of how to communicate all to your subconscious in a way it understands and responds to.

• The day ends with Teymara sharing a powerful Hawaiian chant followed by a meditation that takes you on a journey connecting you to your future.

• Tea/coffee and refreshments are served throughout the day and lunch is available in near-by cafes in South Yarra.


“This seminar changed my life on every level! I walked away with a clear focus & direction regarding all aspects of my life and things started to change immediately. I felt like, for the first time in my life, I was in full control of my future!”
– Danielle

“Attending Teymara’s ‘Manifesting’ helped me clear the remaining issues blocking me from moving forward. Doing the program gave me added confidence to grow in all aspects of my life. Having my own label showed during the journey into the future process. August 2018 sees the launch of “KIANNA”. No more designing for others! It’s my time!”
– Kianna (

“As a Born To Be Free’ and now ‘Manifesting Your Future’ graduate, l am looking at life with different eyes and the flood gates have opened to things l never thought possible. l have been nominated for a AACTA award and never in my wildest dreams would of thought this possible. Life is so different since l came to see Teymara – not only professionally but personally. May the sun always shine above this amazing lady.”
– Helen Magelaki

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Start to grow your business with the best tips!

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