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them all as the following are but a small section.

“The Frat House head office secured Teymara during the difficult financial time that hit the global financial industry. They proceeded to open twelve new stores while other companies struggled to stay afloat. “Thank you so much for the profound impact you have had on my team and my life. I along with them feel very privileged and grateful to have experienced your work – You are amazing!”

—  Phillip Quirk, Frat House CEO

This woman is one in a BILLION... Not only has she transformed my life, but the lives of hundreds of women in my business. Understanding who we are, has given us a greater understanding and an ability to transform from the inside out. Utilising the subconscious transformational work and the Born To Be Free program, the women have worked so much on themselves, transforming self limiting beliefs that have been ingrained decades for many of them.


Releasing old neurological pathways and creating new ones has given these women a new perspective on themselves, their life.. and their ability to overcome obstacles in both personal and professional situations with ease! The Manifesting Your Future seminar gave us all a huge leap forward to smashing goals in all aspects of our lives... absolute radical growth!

Teymara always says... "Your business grows at the same capacity that you grow..." -this could not be more true. 

The truth is... Since myself and my team  have worked alongside Teymara we have had exponential growth. 

I could not be more grateful and thankful to have her in my life. She is an absolute matriarch in the industry and truly one of the world’s best kept secrets!!!


Courtney D'andrea Diamonds Leader & Executive Director, Intimo

Following Teymara’s business training I felt like I had changed my mindset and outlook of my role in my workplace. She demonstrated the important skills, outlooks and morals that have become essential in how I go about my work.


I left feeling confident in myself and with a higher purpose and drive to do well as she gave me the skills to do so.


Teymara’s knowledge of business was delivered to us in a professional manner and was received extremely well. The energy of our workplace has improved and staff developed positive mindsets and excelling service.


Teymara gave our team the skills, respect and hope we needed.


Nicola Penny. Hospitality Industry.

As a Business Platinum Member I look forward to my monthly discussions with Teymara. Her positive approach and practical advice together with her intuitiveness provide a clear path for me to move forward with clarity in the month to come. Her perspective broadens how I look at situations that arise, both personally and professionally, helping me reach successful outcomes. Teymara’s insights are amazing, helping me to run my business successfully and efficiently ( I have increased sales over the past year by 20% based on her guidance) and also to address personal and family matters which arise from time to time with positive outcomes. Thank you Teymara for your knowledge, intuitiveness, advice and support. You and your insights are invaluable.


Clive Pearce

Energy On Australia

Image by Scott Graham

As a business owner, my definition of success is as important as my product and service. Success for me would look like a rising profit margin, an expanding customer base, widespread brand loyalty, and minimal internal profit and efficiency loss. However, defining success is only half the problem. Businesses will always be a little bit of luck, a little bit grit, a whole lot of hard work, and some smarts. Teymara provides me with the smarts! Teymara's years of experience as a transformational therapist backed by her extensive list of qualifications make her a valuable asset to me and my business. Teymara has helped me with both my personal and business life by transforming my negative neurological pathways, overcoming life hurdles and finding direction. I highly recommend Teymara to anyone looking to live the life they were meant to live!


Gerry Wagner

Inbound Digital Architect Inboda

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