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I always look forward to our monthly Platinum online meetings. It is always not only useful, but inspiring, motivating and straight to the point. Whatever I have been dealing beforehand just becomes clear. Sometimes we all tend to focus so much on the issues or situations we are dealing with that we forget to lift our head and look at them from above. And you are the person who reminds us to do just that. I love our calls because I always get that much needed perspective, which I have not been able to see myself. Thanks to your information and insight on the month energy I am able to plan my time and my business meetings more efficiently. And I deal with various office issues much faster, because after our session I am prepared! And I feel like I get more time for myself. This is what happens when you align with the vibrations, you do not need to chase the wild goose.


As a Business Platinum Member I look forward to my monthly discussions with Teymara. Her positive approach and practical advice together with her intuitiveness provide a clear path for me to move forward with clarity in the month to come. Her perspective broadens how I look at situations that arise, both personally and professionally, helping me reach successful outcomes. Teymara’s insights are amazing, helping me to run my business successfully and efficiently ( I have increased sales over the past year by 20% based on her guidance) and also to address personal and family matters which arise from time to time with positive outcomes. Thank you Teymara for your knowledge, intuitiveness, advice and support. You and your insights are invaluable.


Clive Pearce

Energy On Australia

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