If you are an Emotional Eater or have an eating disorder this CD set is made for you!

Are you?

  • Free of guilt; fear; anger; aggression & depression about your weight & body?
  • Free of addictive behaviour to food?
  • Confident and have good self-esteem about your weight & body?
  • Exercising because you really love it?
  • Free of an eating disorder?

Teymara Antonio-Wright is an expert when it comes to Emotional Eating. She is a Weight-loss Advisor like no other. Her five cd set deals with the above, however, deep unresolved emotional issues concerning an individuals weight is another matter.

If sexual abuse has been part of an individuals life, the subconscious needs to be healed of the protective mechanisms before all excess weight can be shed (please call the office or email so Teymara can communicate with you direct if this applies to you).

Many individuals hold negative beliefs formed in childhood, teens years etc. about themselves, body, weight, food etc. Once again, until the belief is resolved, weight loss will continue to be a challenge. (If this applies to you a personally made cd by Teymara may have to be made and added to your set. Please email the office if required).

How To Get Off The Emotional Eating Merry-Go-Round cd set is like no other on the market. It has been created not only for the Emotional Eater but for anyone with a weight issue.

Teymara’s weight loss program is unique. Her cd’s takes you on a journey that deals with excess weight. She shares some of her knowledge on how your body functions internally that leads to weight loss/gain and much more.

She was once a fatty who cured herself of not only her overweight condition but also of an emotional eating issue. She went from a state of hating to loving her body. Because of her own journey she totally understands all aspects of emotional eating plus body loathing. She states 2kg (5lbs) or 20 kg has the same level of mental torture for one who suffers poor body image and low self esteem.

Her program deals with weight loss at the very core, your subconscious mind. Through clearing the negative beliefs you hold about yourself, food, body, ageing and exercising at your subconscious level, you can free yourself from guilt, self-punishment plus negative self talk and thoughts.

Teymara shares her knowledge on the internal health of your body and how it effects your weight, ageing and energy, plus all the tricks she has gleened over the years to create her body being the size and shape way she wants it to be.
Teymara Antonio-Wright has worked in the personal development field for well over twenty years. As a young mother, she presented classes by ‘Slimming’ magazine in the 70’s. Teymara’s interest in health, nutrition and weight loss expanded in the early 80’s when she successfully gained a Diploma of Nutritional Science, followed by a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy. With these two tools she found the mechanisms to remain a toned 5’2′, size 8, (Australian sizing) without dieting since 1985. Back at 140lbs, the measurement around the top of one of her thighs is the measurement of her waist today!

Learn the tools taught by Teymara to G.J.Coles employees when she held the position of weight loss advisor at the Coles Recreation Center in Melbourne plus the information shared with the readers of ‘Superfit’ the health and fitness magazine she was editor-in-chief and main features writer of in the 80’s. Plus the information she has shared with celebrities to heal them from eating disorders and create a healthy relationship with their bodies and food.