From well-known celebrities to the ordinary person, people have been flocking to consult Teymara since the late ’70’s. She covers everything in a session. Your basic numerology, full life chart, astrological transits that have happened, are happening and will be happening in the future and how you would experience them and why. Add to this a very deep insightful intuitive sharing into your personal struggles. She not only reads it all, she is able to give you sound practical advice as to how to get out the other side whilst teaching you how to take responsibility. This is done through applying her knowledge from her many areas of expertise.

Unlike many other readers, she won’t allow you to talk during the two hour session and doesn’t ask questions of you to give her information.

Leading Australian fashion designer Peter Morrissey has referred well over two hundred personal friends and business associates over the past ten years to Teymara and has stated everyone can’t stop thanking him. All have been stunned by Teymara’s accuracy both at the time of their session and from things that happened afterward.

As a young single mother heading for divorce, Teymara had one of the most amazing experiences of her life. She was taken to “a reader’. Her income was a pension plus money secured by cleaning houses. We should add she was very religious. Maybe that would account for her cancelling the appointment four times before finally getting the courage to go.

What the woman said regarding actions Teymara’s ex husband would take, seemed totally unbelievable and out of character (it happened). Added to that was a lot of painful information regarding people in Teymara’s life that the ‘reader’ warned her about (that all happened too).

Regarding her future, well, what was stated was totally inconceivable in Teymara’s realm of possibilities. The ‘reader’ said Teymara would be in the same line of work, that she would study numerology, astrology, psychology, and would develop a way of tuning into people to support them through turmoil (yeah right, I don’t think so). That she would travel the world and would become very well known (um, excuse me?). There would be a very close friendship with a huge American celebrity that would change her life (having grown up in what was country Australia at the time, she could really see this happening – I don’t think so!) She would be on Television, Radio and in the press throughout her life (she nearly choked on the water she was drinking). Eventually she would branch out and do a lot of study to understand what makes human beings tick. This study would lead to many, many qualifications that would see Teymara eventually on stage with a room full of people (well having failed English and Maths in her final year, this was just too much ). The work would help people heal the pain of their pasts. She would also support people heal their weight issues and problems to do with food (the fact she was in so much pain from her past and had always had a battle with food and her weight she couldn’t see this happening in a pink fit).
Plus, Teymara would become a writer (remember she failed English at school) and she could hear Teymara’s voice on something that people would listen to all over the world to remove negativity and create peace in their lives (with a lack of confidence and an inferiority complex, yes, of course she was going to do that! ).

Well, all of it happened and more. When I asked Teymara what started her on her journey she stated, “A friend heard the tape and presented me with a pile of books and the rest is history. When the painful things happened, her words got me through. I made a decision at that time. If I had what it took to help someone the way her work helped me then I was going to go for it!”

So, if you would like to consult Teymara for an Insight Session you’ll have to allow two and half hours. She records everything onto CD so you’ll always have a record of exactly what is said. If you live overseas or interstate and are unable to see her for a one-on-one session, she allows for a certain amount of absent sessions in her busy schedule.

Interstate and overseas sessions are available by phone, Skype, or absent. Please contact us to make a booking before purchase and you will receive a purchase code.