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I learned about this and thought you might be interested. I have discovered a new frequency device. It’s only been in the states 8 months. My friend's doctor told my friend about it. It uses terahertz frequency which was discovered in the 1980’s and resonates at the same frequency as the human cells. People are getting amazing results in just one-three uses for long time conditions. I’m telling everyone because it’s that important. Every household will want one. Please listen to the recorded message below. Watch All your iteracare questions answered in this one video. Would love to know your thoughts after viewing this short explanation.  If you like to help a lot of people. We can spread the word. There is so much this can do for the body. People with back pain-free of pain after 2-3 sessions. Finally, something that treats the body as the energy being that it is. Close to miracles I’ve got the connection to order Maria

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