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One of Teymara’s greatest loves, is children.


To see, to experience, to know of a child suffering breaks her heart. Through Teymara’s experience regarding the pain of little ones, that she studied and became a qualified Sleep Talk for Children consultant. After her success with teenagers through her Born To Be Free Youth work, she then made allowance for parents to bring their little ones in to experience her Born To Be Free seminar. The changes in these little ones that lack confidence, have low self esteem or are ruled by fear leading to being bullied at school was totally heartwarming for all to experience. After viewing the recent movie Inside Out Teymara created her Born To Be Free School for Kids.


This is a one day program for children to experience deep healing and emotional freedom. It is followed by an evening session for parents to learn communication skills to support their children to live the best possible lives.




Child:  Mila (7 yo)  “I feel like I have more power and I feel like I have no fear anymore”

Parent: From my point of view, since participating in BTBF Skool 4 Kidz, I feel Mila has more of an inner strength and awareness.  I have found when she is around children in general who aren’t acting appropriately towards herself or her brothers and friends, she quickly tells them why she won’t put up with their behaviour.  For example when we were at the park the other day and a group of kids were playing with my younger two, she just came up to me and said “mum, I don’t want to be around those children, trust me they’re just not good people, I told them we’re just going to play over here”.  Whereas before she would have stayed in their presence and put up with their behaviour and probably be frustrated with it for the rest of the day. 

Parent: Before Born to be Free, my daughter (6), was a real worrier. From worrying after hearing about a medical condition and fearing she would get it, to fear of natural disasters, to worrying about little things people had said. Born to be Free saw her really break free of these worries, and I think she feels empowered and so much more in control of her worries now. She discusses her worries much more openly now, and just says “Mum, can I please put Teymara on tonight” (the CD from the course) whenever she needs it. She seems so much freer and happier, like a huge weight has been lifted. Thank you Teymara. I look forward to our youngest being able to do the children’s course, along with my Step Daughter’s doing the teen course.

Parent: My son Andre who is 9 years old has suffered with anxiety and a stutter for over 6 years. Dealing with this brought on a lot of anger as well as a low self esteem. In July 2018 Andre participated in the kids program of Born to Be Free. Within a week we noticed Andre had more confidence and his speech has dramatically improved. Now after a few months we have been informed by his teachers that his school work has improved and he is standing up for himself and now showing resilience in walking away from negative situations. We will be eternally grateful for our Angel Teymara and what she has done for our family.

Parent: My 7 year old son recently attended Kids Born to be Free. As a Born to Be free graduate I had seen first hand the benefit of attending the workshop in addressing certain behaviours and mindsets. . My son has suffered from low self esteem, and self limiting beliefs from what I believed to be a significant amount of change in his short life due to international relocation and struggling to find his place amongst his peers. Kids Born to be Free gave him a sense of calm I hadn’t seen before. When I asked I him his favourite part, he said “ I got to draw pictures”. Rafi had always drawn pictures with aggressive pencil lines and in angry colours of red, grey and black. At the end of the seminar his pictures were softly drawn in calming tones of aqua, green and yellow. When he was asked to draw how he felt, he drew a huge H for happy.
Since the seminar we have been able to work through many issues with him , including the grief of loss of friendships that he has carried with him for the last 2 years as we moved across the globe. Rafi is now a positive child. Everyday he talks about his school days in terms of a colour scale he has devised, with Aqua being at the top and red and black relegated to the bottom. I can now ask him why his day was green instead of the top aqua ad he is able to verbalise it. I’m pleased to say we rarely get 2 or 3 colours below the best outcome. Red, grey and black are never spoken of. If I feel he has had a hard day I play Teymaras Emotional Freedom CD overnight after a kiss and hug while he’s sleeping to awaken the subconscious and our mornings before school are a pleasure instead of the battleground they used to be.
Rafi in general appears calmer, has a stronger sense of maturity and is all around less stressed and anxious child, and the best part is he thought he was just there to “draw a picture”.
Thanks Teymara for your calling to helping others. Aristotle said “give me a child at 7 and I will show you the man”, I am so thankful that I was able to give my 7 year old boy the opportunity to set him up for a life of self-belief. Thankyou Teymara x




Born To Be Free Skool 4 Kidz

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