Through a journey with her daughter’s challenges, Teymara in 1993 commenced working with troubled youth. Her first Born To Be Free youth program was sponsored by “Esprit Cares’ Foundation through a friendship she had with the Australian managing director John Bell. In 1997 she formed the “John Bell Future Youth Foundation’ named after her dear friend who died suddenly and prematurely.

Through her youth work she was invited to be part of ‘The Heroin Debate‘ featured on Sixty Minutes. In that debate she stated that every young person she had dealt with, all said the same thing. ‘Take away our pain and we’ll no longer have to do drugs to kill it or to give us a break from it.

When asked what the pain was, she stated “To a young person lack of confidence is painful, Fear of the future, Fear of failure, Fear of being ridiculed, Fear of rejection etc. etc. etc.”

  • Teymara is an incredibly enlightened and intelligent woman who rather than attempting to rescue me as my counselors, therapists, teachers and parents had tried already, she taught me and all the rest of the kids the tools that essentially helped me to help myself. She didn't talk down to us and it was kinda funny because it sort of felt like she was one of us, her dress, the size of her plus her personality made it easy to be comfortable with her. Basically she’s ‘Ace’ and has always been there for me. She’s never judged me nor any of my friends no matter what we have done.’

    Name withheld, Born To Be Free youth graduate
  • “Giving the youth of today a future in the world of tomorrow”
    Tom: ‘I was in a stage in my life where I was going down, down, down, but I didn’t care, I almost liked it. Doing ‘Born To Be Free’ really picked me up and gave me all the skills I needed to firstly discover what it was I needed from my life and then to go out and get it. I am the happiest I have been ever and I am forever a changed person.’

    Tom’s father:”Born To Be Free’ has given Tom the key to turn despair into confidence, his apathy into action, and his self destruction into self determination. He now has two jobs, self esteem and a life to live.’

  • “Restoring relationships with parents”
    Scott: ‘When I first came in I had a really bad attitude, I was getting myself into a lot of trouble and always fighting with my parents, that was if ever I came home. I now face my problems and challenges without getting angry. This program was the greatest gift I have ever given myself, I would recommend this program to anyone.’

    Scott’s father: ‘Scott now seems to have a better focus on where he is heading in life. He has set himself goals in his employment career, and is working and studying hard to ensure they are achieved. He also now seems more communicative and relaxed in his social and family life.’

  • “Restoring relationships with parents”
    Ebony: ‘This program was really great, I now know how to cope with mum’s anger and I know how to cope with other people’s anger. It is all so much easier to understand.’

    Ebony’s mother:‘I’ve always considered Ebony to be mature and knowing beyond her years, this time as a young adult experiencing the program, she has opened up to a totally different level. We now communicate differently.’

  • “Discovering your natural abilities”
    Daniel: ‘I think the clearings were great and that I lost most of my fears. The team was great and the course has been great. And I’m feeling great. Thanks to everyone organising this.’

    Daniel’s mother:‘After Born To Be Free’ program both my husband and I have seen a lot of positive changes in Daniel’s behaviour. He has become more patient and he doesn’t get into the conflict as quick as he used to. If conflict is created he is more likely to compromise. Also he has become more mature and better organised in his studies.’

  • “Attaining a greater sense of happiness”
    Katie: ‘Teymara gave me the inspiration I needed to experience a complete wholeness within my inner spirit.’

    Katie’s mother:‘I was terrified and heartbroken, the fear of losing my only child, my beautiful daughter, were very real. I could not bear to live without the sight of her wonderful smile. I was losing her. I did not know where to turn for help – I rang Teymara. My daughter is now well, happy and her spirit has returned along with her zest for life.’