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Please feel free to come to the office and read through

them all as the following are but a small section.

“This seminar changed my life on every level! I walked away with a clear focus & direction regarding all aspects of my life and things started to change immediately. I felt like, for the first time in my life, I was in full control of my future!” 


– Danielle

“Attending Teymara’s ‘Manifesting’ helped me clear the remaining issues blocking me from moving forward. Doing the program gave me added confidence to grow in all aspects of my life. Having my own label showed during the journey into the future process. August 2018 sees the launch of “KIANNA”. No more designing for others! It’s my time!”


– Kianna


“As a Born To Be Free’ and now ‘Manifesting Your Future’ graduate, l am looking at life with different eyes and the floodgates have opened to things l never thought possible. l have been nominated for a AACTA award and never in my wildest dreams would of thought this possible. Life is so different since l came to see Teymara – not only professionally but personally. May the sun always shine above this amazing lady.”


– Helen Magelaki

This woman is one in a BILLION... Not only has she transformed my life, but the lives of hundreds of women in my business. Understanding who we are, has given us a greater understanding and an ability to transform from the inside out. Utilising the subconscious transformational work and the Born To Be Free program, the women have worked so much on themselves, transforming self limiting beliefs that have been ingrained decades for many of them.


Releasing old neurological pathways and creating new ones has given these women a new perspective on themselves, their life.. and their ability to overcome obstacles in both personal and professional situations with ease! The Manifesting Your Future seminar gave us all a huge leap forward to smashing goals in all aspects of our lives... absolute radical growth!

Teymara always says... "Your business grows at the same capacity that you grow..." -this could not be more true. 

The truth is... Since myself and my team  have worked alongside Teymara we have had exponential growth. 

I could not be more grateful and thankful to have her in my life. She is an absolute matriarch in the industry and truly one of the world’s best kept secrets!!!


Courtney D'andrea

Diamonds Leader &

Executive Director

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