Do you realize that life is full of an abundance

of exciting opportunities and possibilities?


If you’re wondering how you get clarity on what you want and how to focus your thinking and energy to attract what you desire into your life then this seminar is for you.

In the ‘Manifesting Your Future’ Seminar, Teymara will teach you to understand how your subconscious negative beliefs and emotions affect the four key areas of your life – Relationships, Career/Money, Health and Lifestyle – and how they have blocked you from heading in the direction you were meant to take in this lifetime. 


This is a full day seminar (that runs from 9.30am until approximately 7pm) held at The Como Hotel in South Yarra, Victoria Australia.

• The first part of the session is a presentation that will give you an insight into how your mind and held subconscious negative emotions/beliefs govern all areas of your life including the powerful effect they have on your health and wellness, from the lines on your face to the health of every organ in your body and so much more.

• During the second part of the session, you’re taken through a series of ‘transformational techniques’ that specifically target the roadblocks stopping you from achieving what you want in life.

  • Tea/coffee provided throughout the day and lunch is available in near-by cafes in South Yarra.

  • You are invited to attend a reconnect evening (held ten days after the seminar) where you will be given an opportunity to discuss with Teymara how you’ve been feeling, share the positive changes you’ve noticed and hear other insights and amazing stories of transformation from those who attended the seminar with you. Interstate and overseas participants are included via phone. 

One on one Manifesting Your Future with Teymara $3300






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