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Through her many years working as a Subconscious Transformational Therapist and holistic Life Coach Teymara has supported clients dealing with a variety of illnesses and trauma. She works hand in hand with all of their support networks and applies all of her areas of expertise so each individual can achieve the best possible outcomes.

"The name Born to Be Free speaks for itself. After going through a VIP one on one session I've literally have felt free for the first time in my life. I felt free in my head space. And I've come a long way throughout my life I've tried many methods. I've always struggled to keep my immune system at least at a normal level. My health was constantly letting me down. Before doing my session with Teymara I was about to face three surgeries on my back and my knees. And I'm a very self aware person. I thought I got it all figured out. Well guess what until we dived into subconscious during the session so much came to light. Teymara helped me to look at my childhood situation which to my conscious mind didn't even look like traumatic ones. But they were. I carried so many unresolved childhood situations that later on layered up with my adult life. It's like computer programs that have been opened and are in pending mode waiting to be relieved and closed. Teymara helped me to find these pending childhood situation. But not only that she helped me to close them and rewrite. She's like an architect of your subconscious mind. Right away after session I felt as if load has been lifted from my shoulders. I felt whole and complete like never before. I have finally felt free! I was also pain free!  And guess what doctors suddenly changed their minds. I didn't have to do any surgeries. Thank God

While writing this review I've remembered my favourite movie Inception. And I thought to myself OMG we did rewrite my subconscious. I wish every person on a planet could experience this! There are so many traumas we carry in us and not only from this life time. I didn't write this in a review. But when we cleaned my childhood in that session I've suddenly started to come back to my essence. When the "human" inner child was healed all of the dreams and wants of this child were also released. I've remember who am I and why am I here. I knew it all the way but I couldn't pull it all together. Knowing who am I became liberating ground for my actions and set my spirit free.  

Teymara is my guardian angel on Earth


Elena Popova


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