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Teymara is one of the most powerful keynote speakers on the planet

Teymara's journey into her current line of work as a Transformational Therapist has been challenging in more ways than one. She has gathered a range of experience and qualifications leading to her working as a life/personal development coach, addiction specialist, trauma specialist, health/emotional eating advisor to list just a few.


She has worked with an impressive list of names including Michael, Janet, Marlon and LaToya Jackson, Paris Hilton, Tina Arena, Lionel Richie, Donna Karan, Julio Iglesias, Melanie Griffith, Shirley MacLaine, Tommy Hilfiger, Famke Janssen, Marcia Hines, Peter Morrissey, Peter Brock…and the list goes on and on.


Through facing many life challenges and getting out the other side, gives her licence to say ‘I know how you feel and you can get through this’.


Her areas of expertise allows her to cover many topics including:


  • How business women can connect to their true power

  • How to become who you’re really meant to be

  • The secret to building confidence

  • How to leave emotional and psychological baggage behind to start afresh 

  • How to establish great personal and business relationships

  • The powerful link between your mind/subconscious and your health, wellness and success in life/business (and how to harness it!)

  • How to manifest…and much more.



At the 2018 Superwoman Equality & Empowerment summit in LA, Teymara spoke alongside Endyia Kinney-Sterns VP of Business & Programming for the Oprah Winfrey Network, Federal Court Judge Bruce Einhorn and an award winning TV journalist Parisa Khosravi from CNN.



“Teymara is a truly world class Transformational speaker and was a highlight of our first ‘I am a Superwoman’ Equaility & Empowerment Summit in LA in 2018. Using her Aussie humor and wit, she moved the audience to both tears and laughter, inspiring and empowering us all to create change in our lives and in the world. Meeting her in person furing the event I was blown away by how authentic she is. Her heart is as huge as her message. I cannot recommend her highly enough and will be proud to work with her on future projects.”

- Barbara Niven (US Actress and Producer of ‘I am a Superwoman’

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