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If you are an Emotional Eater or have an

eating disorder this CD set is made for you!

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  • Featured on the very successful ‘Celebrity Overhaul’ and ‘Overhaul’ for the Nine Network, supporting participants with their body image and weight loss challenges.

  • Held the position of weight loss advisor at the Coles Recreation Center in Melbourne.

  • Was a feature writer and editor in chief for ‘Superfit’ health and fitness magazine when it was published in Australia.

  • Works with many celebrities to heal them from eating disorders and create a healthy relationship with their bodies and food.



Are you:

  • Free of guilt, fear, anger, aggression & depression about your weight & body?

  • Free of addictive behaviour to food?

  • Confident and full of self-esteem about your weight & body?


Teymara is an expert on emotional eating and other weight issues. She was an emotional eater and decided to pursue a range of qualifications so she could design a unique approach to weight loss and eating issues. The result is a five CD set: How To Get Off The Emotional Eating Merry-Go-Round.


Her cd program has been created not only for the emotional eater but for anyone with a weight/food issue.


Teymara went from being overweight and hating her body to a healthy size 8, full of self confidence and body positivity. Because of her own journey, she totally understands all aspects of emotional eating and body loathing. She states whether an individual is 2kg or 20kg over their ideal weight one experiences the same level of emotional distress, poor body image and low self-esteem.


As with all aspects of her work, this program deals with weight/body issues at the very core, your subconscious mind. Through transforming the negative beliefs held about self, food, body, ageing and exercising at your subconscious level, you can free yourself from guilt, self-punishment, negative self-talk and disempowering thoughts.

Having a Diploma of Nutritional Science, Teymara also shares her knowledge on the internal health of your body, how it affects your weight, ageing and energy, plus all the tricks she has gleaned over the years to create her body being the size and shape she wants it to be. The measurement around the top of one of her thighs when she was at my biggest is the measurement of her waist today!


Please note: If sexual abuse has been part of your life, or you experienced some other trauma as a child or in your adult life, the subconscious needs to be healed of the protective mechanisms before all excess weight can be shed. If this applies to you, please contact the office so Teymara can discuss further. 

Specific experience relating to emotional eating and weight issues:

Teymara has worked in the personal development field for well over twenty years. As a young mother, she presented classes by ‘Slimming’ magazine in the 70s, her interest in health, nutrition and weight loss continued to expand and she successfully gained a Diploma of Nutritional Science followed by a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy. With these two tools, she found the mechanisms to remain a toned size 8 (Australian sizing) without dieting since 1985. 






AFTER 66kg


AFTER 66kg

Hi, my name is Amanda Mason and I thank God for the day I met Teymara. From an ‘Insight Session‘ to her ‘Born To Be Free‘ seminar to her ‘Manifesting Your Goals and Destiny‘. To say my life has done a 180 turn around would be an understatement.


My work was cut back to three days a week. As a single parent I went into a bit of a panic. I remember thinking at the ‘Manifesting‘ seminar how cool it would be to work with Teymara. Whammo it happened! I’m now her P.A.

Having struggled with my weight since the birth of my daughter nine years ago where nothing I tried had worked I thought I would give it one last try. I knew I was an emotional eater, however, everything else dealt with the amount of food I consumed plus exercising etc. You know what I’m talking about don’t you?

Well I started following Teymara’s program on Sunday 12th September this year (2010). By the following Sunday I had lost 2kg (5lbs). This was done simply by listening to her cd’s. By the following Monday I had lost 4.5kg. All of this without having to worry about weighing food, keeping a food journal or exercising my butt off! To date 1st November I have dropped 3 dress sizes (Aus 16 to a 10). I’m still noticing my clothing is getting looser and looser. I love walking, especially into any store and picking any dress off the rack and it fits!!!!! YAY!!!! This is the most awesome way of dealing with emotional eating. I can’t recommend this program enough to anyone who wants to lose their destructive relationship with food and their body.

Amanda’s Personal Advice

Over Christmas 2010 I found myself having to deal with an emotional upheaval. My marriage had broken up earlier that year which meant that Christmas 2010 would be the first my daughter and I had to experience as a broken family unit. Her with me in the morning and then with her father in the afternoon. The experience was extremely upsetting and of course brought some of the old ‘stuff’ back up to deal with again. I did notice almost overnight that my stomach had started to bloat and feel uncomfortable, and knowing how this could possibly affect my eating habits, I played the 5th CD from the system for 5 days. As expected my tummy has flattened out again and all is great! Again, this system is AMAZING!!!!!

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