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From well-known celebrities to the everyday person, Teymara has conducted Intuitive Insight Sessions for thousands of people since the late ’70’s. 

“ Teymara nailed things in the past that were never in the press. It was so exact. Not even my friends know some of the things she was talking about "

- Lionel Richie


A First Time Session:

You need to allow two-hours for a face to face or skype first time insight session.

A session consists of:

  • Your basic numerology plus full life chart which gives you insight as to how it has shaped your past, present plus provides key life insights for the future, including what aspects of your life you should focus on for taking particular actions and other useful information.

  • Astrological transits that have happened, are happening and will be happening in the future and how you could experience them and why.

  • Intuitive expertise which brings to the surface important information, guidance, warnings and opportunities.

  • Practical advice on how to get through challenging times to create the best possible outcomes. 


Unlike many other readers, Teymara doesn’t request information about your history or current situation plus doesn’t ask for feedback during your session which is recorded onto your mobile phone to be listen to and absorb at your own pace after the session. 


$440 (first time session, Allow 2 hrs) 

$380 (concession/pension/student)

Prices include GST

An Updated Session

$440 Full 2 hr session

$380 basic (1 ¼ hrs)

$280 (concession/pensioner/student)

Prices include GST

Prices in AUD

Approximate USD Price: $270 - this will convert automatically on your statement 


Again like a first time session everything is recorded onto your mobile phone  

Due to many requests Teymara has created a special ONE hour reading session.

You will experience your numerology, astrological transits, tarot reading plus any psychic or medium connections that comes through.


basic reading




From the resident astrologer for 'Zerius Magazine' in the 70s and 'Il Tempo Magazine' in the 80s, Teymara was then approached by Andrew Cowell from Pacific Magazines to hold the position of Intuitive Astrologer for OK Magazine Australia a position she held from 2004 until January 2019. 

The long break between the 80s to 2004 was the result of Teymara's integrity. To earn money writing for a magazine that makes up stories and lies about her celebrity clients didn't sit well. So, she waited for a magazine that honoured and respected her celebrity clients.

Having had all copy owned by OK magazine she was unable to share her weekly/yearly predictions through any other outlet.

Since parting company from Bauer media she is now free to offer her astrological predictions monthly on esoteric Atlanta .

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