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Teymara teaches negative beliefs and fears that hold us back in life

are all formed in the first ten years of our lives.


Experiences children have, events they witness, the influence of their parents, grandparents, teachers and siblings, the church etc all play a part.


After working with adults and teens, she realized that the opportunity to engage with kids at an even younger age was too powerful to ignore. So much damage can be done as negative fears and beliefs are encoded into our subconscious and then reinforced time and time again as we grow into adults. 


What if we could stop this as early as possible – transform all of the negative, what sort of an amazing life would this allow our children to live? 


Born to be Free Skool 4 Kidz is recommended for children between the ages of six and 11.


Teymara works with everyday children who have experienced certain events leading to lack of confidence, anxiety, low self esteem etc.


This one-day program allows children to experience deep healing, achieve emotional freedom and be truly empowered to live a full and happy life. 


What to expect…

The seminar (that runs from 11am until approximately 4pm) held at The Como hotel in South Yarra, Victoria, Australia with all children attended by a parent or guardian who are Born To Be Free graduates. 


  • The first part of the session is a presentation that helps children understand and identify their emotions in a way that’s very easy to comprehend, using colours and characters for each emotion.

  • During the second part of the session, Teymara supports the children to target the most common fears and negative beliefs. These include beliefs about their self-confidence and who they are in the world, fear of failure, fear of being judged and fear of saying no just to name a few. 



The one-day seminar is followed by an evening session (ten days later) for the parent(s) where communication skills etc are shared by Teymara, to support the parents in creating the best possible outcomes for their children to live their best life possible.


Investment: $440

This covers the seminar, special CD (RRP $55) PLUS a one on one phone support session with Teymara (RRP $220)




born to be free skool 4 kidz

vip born to be free skool 4 kidz

Experience the Born To Be Free Skool 4 Kidz seminar in a private, one-on-one setting with this VIP option.


package seminars

Purchase 2 x Seminars for $940 

A saving of $160 

Purchase 3 x Seminars for $1,410 

A saving of $240 


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