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Its time on the planet for each and every person to be totally Empowered Emotionally.

Over the last few years of presenting her Born to Be Free seminar, Teymara has been asked time and time again to create a seminar that is totally focused on people healing the emotional trauma experienced over the journey we have all done.


Teymara has now combined what she’s experienced reading for people all over the world during the emotionally draining time during and now after covid by creating the Born To Be Free Emotionally Empowered Seminar.


Unless a person has healed their heart of the hurt and emotional wounds from prior to and including the covid journey they will continue to have issues when it comes to close relationships.


With an increased number of clients now carrying a fear of loss because of sudden deaths or the breakdown of close relationships caused from a breakdown of communication or belief systems that has led to separation and divorce Teymara has decided to open her relationship work up to the general public and those unable to afford her one-on-one VIP relationship work by creating her ‘Born To Be Free Emotionally Empowered Seminar’

This is your opportunity to free yourself of the fears and negative beliefs you have about love and relationships.


If you have a subconscious belief formed prior to, during or after covid that people who love you will leave you, then that will be your ongoing experience.


If you were abused or put down in your past, you will attract people ongoing who will be critical of you.


Until you transform your negative neurological pathways, plus negative emotional programming create by the journey you have experienced you will attract the wrong people into your life going forward.  


If you’re longing to feel safe in being the real, authentic you in all relationships going forward, whether married, single, dating, divorced, separated or anywhere in between, this seminar is for you!


If you’re ready to become truly ‘Emotionally Empowered’, then  this seminar is also for you!


The day's format consists of...


This is a full day seminar (that runs from 9.30am until approximately 7pm)


The first part of the session provides a basic understanding of how your mind works and how your subconscious guides you emotionally in all you do.


Whether you realise it or not, you are essentially on autopilot when it comes to love, repeating the same patterns and playing the same track over and over again. This has become worse because of the journey forced upon you over the past few years.



What is held in your subconscious about relationships is based on your family life, various experiences, how sensitive you were as a child, what type of parents you had plus what their relationship was like, add to that whatever trauma’s you’ve experienced to date that has wounded you emotionally. All these play a major role in the forming of the fears as well as negative beliefs that have ruled and run you in your life to date.


During the second part of the seminar you’ll experience the transformation of the negative to the positive regarding relationships – the healing of your past relationship(s) that have wounded your heart.


Fears and negative beliefs addressed and transformed in the seminar will be chosen by the group who attends on the day. All who are meant to be there will be. This is a seminar to support those who are ready to live the lives they were meant to live.


Part of Teymara’s trainings included Hawaiian healings. All who attend will experience the most profound personal one-on-one heart healing techniques.


The day is wrapped with Teymara sharing support ideas for you going forward to make the most of your life with the changes we are all going to be experiencing.


Tea/coffee and refreshments are served throughout the day

and lunch is available in near-by cafes.



Prices include GST.


SUNDAY November 26th, 2023

are you ready to be emotionally empowered


SUNDAY November 26th, 2023

vip heal your heart


Experience the Heal Your Heart Seminar in a private, one-on-one setting with this VIP option:

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