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Through her extensive study and experience, Teymara has expanded her knowledge and understanding in a number of disciplines, including:

  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Diploma of Nutritional Science

  • Australian Government accredited Certificate IV Counselling & Conflict Resolution

  • Australian Government accredited Certificate IV Assessment Workplace Training

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Time Line Certification™

  • Hawaiian Huna (Alaka’i level)

  • Practitioner Time Line Therapy™

  • Certified Sleeptalk™ Consultant

  • SD1 Values Certification

  • Certified Luscher Consultant

  • Psychology; Sexology; Grief Counselling;

Her enthusiasm and insight have resulted in an ever increasing demand for her personal development programs. Born in Australia of Spanish and Celtic heritage, Teymara has worked extensively in supporting people to develop their personal and professional potential.

Teymara has worked with many International and Australian celebrities plus Royalty. A dynamic individual whose seminars, insight sessions and trainings have the power to change peoples’ lives. Teymara is renowned for her outstanding results as a Life & Personal Development Coach, Motivational Trainer, Health & Emotional Eating Specialist, Insight Consultant, Anti-Ageing Advisor, Relationship Coach, Grief Counsellor and Trauma Therapist.

Teymara’s life experiences led to her studies and career choices. She believes that empathy is one of life’s greatest gifts. To touch another person with the words “I understand, and, you can get through this” is very powerful. Having journeyed the depths of despair many times, she has what it takes to truly empower people. Basically it’s a case of ‘Walk a mile in my shoes’ to earn the right to say ‘I understand’.

As a result of experiencing the loss of her grand daughter plus her daughter’s ensuing journey Teymara in August 1993, working in conjunction with “Breaking The Cycle” and John Bell’s “Esprit Cares Foundation”, took her program “Born To Be Free” to Australia’s troubled youth. February 1997 saw Teymara take her youth work to another level by creating a foundation.

When asked what led her to her field of work, Teymara said:

“I couldn’t be truly happy in a world where I knew millions of people were dying because of greed, racism and starvation. Where people were allowing themselves to be exploited and didn’t have control of their lives. My belief was as an individual I couldn’t change the way things were in the world. What difference could I make? One day I was challenged beyond my comfort zone and I realized if I couldn’t change the world, one thing I could do was take action.”

The outcome of that action sees youth, adults and organizations creating their outcomes and desired results through her ‘Born To Be Free’ – ‘Power of Manifesting’ – ‘Slim, Slender & Anti-ageing’ seminars plus ‘Above The Line’ (corporate training), one on one sessions, plus her transformational and healing cd’s. As a member of The Australian Journalists Association she presents her knowledge through freelance articles and columns.

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