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It was an unforgettable experience! I came to do the work with Teymara hoping to resolve my fears and other issues. Little that I knew that it would be the first day of my real life living my true self. It literally felt as if a giant stone was lifted from my chest and a tremendous amount of loving warm gentle energy wrapped me all in. Before the session I thought I would go through some painful memories and situations, that we would have to remember in order to remove them. But no, I did not have to do that at all. We just went through the list of what needed to be resolved without immersing in it too much. It was very easy, comforting, yet straight to the point and so so liberating that I cannot even describe in words. It was truly powerful. I wanted to feel that feeling of freedom and lightness for so long that, when I think about who I was before the session, I want to write that I was basically dead. Now, I have got my self-confidence back and most importantly my power back! I am so grateful to life that I have been lucky enough to meet this truly amazing, supernatural, powerful transformational teacher. Teymara, you are the gem of this world!


Olga Popova

Business Owner/Director Lithuania

Image by Fuu J
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